Business Consulting Process, Vancouver

CFO for Hire

First we meet with you, and simply learn about your business. It’s a free, crucial first step.

We listen, then ask questions based on three decades of experience helping businesses like yours.

In our initial meeting, we learn a lot about how your business operates -- who your customers and suppliers are, the issues that matter most to you, and the financial concerns that keep you up at night.

Then we develop a plan, working together with all of your stakeholders, to help you achieve your financial management and business goals. This plan includes both short term action and long term vision.

But even the best plans are flawed if they’re not executed properly. This is where Divergent CFO for hire services differ from traditional consulting services. We work side by side with you to put all elements of your plan into action. This may mean helping you evaluate your people in order to maximize their abilities, including training, work load reorganization, and even changes in your business processes.

And we report to you on a regular basis. No more surprises. You will be fully informed on the progress you’re making and you’ll receive regular recommendations for changes or improvements.

We don’t replace your external accountant, however, who is most often hard at work on your tax return or addressing compliance issues. We work symbiotically with them through year end, often decreasing their annual bill.

Our focus is on today and tomorrow, future improvements and current performance.

In many cases, though, our clients see substantial fee savings resulting from the detailed financial reports we provide their external accountants.

A CFO for hire can help you develop a healthy, growing future for your company through solid, evidence based planning and regular, insightful reporting. Contact us at Divergent Business Consulting as you look ahead.