Strategic Planning consultant, vancouver

Whether you’re talking about personal growth, physical well being or the future of your company, long term health doesn’t happen by chance.

A CFO for hire can help you recognize and realize your business aspirations by digging deep into your company’s data and discovering compelling conclusions about the necessary components of future success.

Growing your business in a healthy way involves asking yourself a lot of revealing questions, examining everything, including your:

  • Technology systems and processes
  • Future capital needs
  • Pricing models
  • Ability to innovate

Even the complacency of your sales team is an important aspect of your company that you need to take close look at as you plan for the future.

You’ll also need to identify your best customers, test your current risk assumptions, take a fresh look at your product road map, and decide if you’ve done a good enough job distinguishing yourself from your competition.

We have three decades of experience finding productive answers for businesses who need to dig deep into their data to understand, then express, the conclusions found within those telling numbers.

Divergent’s CFO for hire works with you to set a solid foundation for future growth based on the full story behind your current success.