CFO for Hire, vancouver

When your business began, your initial success was driven by your energy and dedication. It was a simple time. You worked hard and reaped the rewards. But as your company grew, so did the unknowns. While you’re busier than ever, head down, nose to the grindstone, the numbers are becoming more complex (you can’t keep them all in your head anymore) and the paperwork is piling up behind you.

Every year, the great mystery of how your business is truly performing is only revealed after year end.

That’s a lot of stress to carry around for twelve months.

Divergent Business Consulting CFO for hire services will keep you current, helping you understand your financial situation throughout the year, and work with you to analyze all of your options as your business evolves.

Rather than taking a typical consulting approach that is big on theory (and cost), but short on action, our CFO for hire services are hands on. We roll up our sleeves and produce detailed financial reports that are easy to understand, helping you draw solid conclusions about your current financial situation.

We work with you to develop budget systems and performance variances, help you manage cash flow and working capital, as well as strategic planning and financial modeling.

Divergent Business Consulting helps you make sense of the numbers. This takes many forms, from mentoring junior accounting staff -- taking the time to explain sometimes complex scenarios, and answer their questions as they grow in knowledge -- to all of the many facets of helping non-financial managers understand financial information better, so they can make informed operational decisions.

Jim Paradis, head of our CFO for hire division, has worked in the industry more than 30 years as a CFO, helping entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium sized businesses. His low key, listen first, approach to helping you organize, translate and analyze the numbers, has successfully helped businesses in a broad cross section of markets (from manufacturing to agriculture) make sound decisions that move them forward with confidence.