Services for Business Growth, Vancouver

Growth in your business is a blessing that comes with a specific set of challenges. Rapid growth, in particular, often requires external financing, making it a double edged sword that needs to be handled carefully.

Divergent Business Consulting’s CFO for Hire has helped companies from a wide range of market sectors plan wisely for growth and secure the funds they need to move forward.

We know that banks don’t like surprises.

When you go to them for financing, they want to see an organized business plan that gives them a clear picture of your business and its projected revenue. For many entrepreneurs and owners of small to medium businesses, the process is akin to learning another language. It’s a steep learning curve.

Divergent Business Consulting understands “bank speak”. We know what lenders want to see and how they want that data -- including the drivers of your business, trends in your industry, and your company’s specific strengths and weaknesses -- packaged and presented.

Raising capital on your own, without someone who has been there before guiding you, is both challenging and time consuming.

Divergent works with you to develop a credible, persuasive business plan and presentation that includes pro forma financial statements, giving the lender across the table confidence in your future success.